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Since 1995, our full-service Pest Control company has served Richmond, Indiana and beyond. With our “Small Business” sense of pride, we treat each customer as our only customer, providing a more personal relationship than you may find in many large companies.

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From full Home Inspections, to compete Pest Control to Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs… and everything in between, All Pest Exterminating offers a Full Service experience.


We treat for anything that crawls, hops or flies!


We offer a full host of home inspection services.


Our safe chemical-free approach is efficient and environmentally friendly.

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We always follow our “Small Business” sense of pride and treat each customer as our only customer.

Experts since '95

Since the beginning, we have continued to grow, at a steady rate with personal attention to every customer.

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With Pest Control, Bed Bug Treatment and Home Inspection expertise under our belts, we can serve your many needs.


In The Community

  • Member of the Richmond-Wayne County Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of the NFIB
  • Member of the NPMA and Indiana Pest Control Association
  • Member of Quality Pro Pest Management
  • Member of the Indiana Professional Lawn and Landscape Association
  • Andy Senese is on the buy local committee within the Richmond-Wayne County Chamber of Commerce and is a board member of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wayne County.
  • Awarded “Sponsor of the Year” by a local non-profit organization for excellence in community sponsorship.
All Pest Exterminating strives to be a community leader by donating their time and money to local causes. If you are a representative of a local not for profit organization, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.


Let All Pest Exterminating SAVE YOU From Future Home Repairs! If you see these pests in your house, don’t wait until they become a problem!

Learn more about them and how All Pest Exterminating, Richmond can help save your properties and from unexpected future home repairs.

Identify Bed Bugs for Extermination
Contrary to popular belief, the old saying “Sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite” is very true. In recent times most people have not heard or seen these pesky little bugs and many thought they were extinct. This is not the case. Bedbugs are a reality and are surging rapidly in Richmond and surrounding areas.

Learn More about Bed Bugs

Termites A termite colony is a very serious, damaging enemy. Termites live in highly organized and efficient societies. This organization and their efficiency cause more damage to homes and buildings in America each year than fires, lightning, tornadoes, earthquakes & hurricanes combined. Your homeowner’s insurance probably does not cover the damage from termites. The only way to prevent damage is a termite treatment.

Learn More about Termites

Ant Extermination Ants are scavengers and, under normal circumstances, are great for the environment. Most ant problems are a result of insect infestations in trees, plants and the wood in your home.

Learn More about Ants

Cockroaches can become an enormous problem if something is not done to control them. Because they breed so profusely, an infestation can spin out of control in no time. Each egg capsule can contain 20 to 40 baby cockroaches.

Learn More about Cockroaches

Dog with Fleas Fleas lay eggs loosely in the hair fo a host (usually a cat or dog). The eggs drop off and hatch into tiny, hairy, worm-like larvae. The larvae are usually found where the animal sleeps, along baseboards, in carpets, or on furniture. The key to successful household flea control is frequent vacuuming of pet bedding and resting areas, treatment of the pet, and careful use of insecticides.

Learn More about Fleas

Mice Infestation Elimination of mice and rats from the home is a 3 part process. People are often surprised to find out that foodstuffs that had long been forgotten are the source of food for rodents. The birdseed up in the at

Learn More about Mice and Rats

Wasps Building a Nest Flys, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets and ladybeetles can all become a big nuisance. Great care needs to be taken when dealing with the control and removal of these types of pests. Poking at it with a stick can have disastrous results. call a professional.

Learn More About Flying Insects

Mole Digging A Mole’s ability to dig makes them very destructive. Moles remain mysterious creatures, simply because they are rarely seen by humans. What is often seen and disapproved of though, is the result of the mole’s activities: molehills and up-heaved ridges of their tunnel systems.

Learn More About Moles