Fall is here! This means breezier days and cooler nights for all Richmond residents. But fall isn’t the best time to stop thinking about pests because ( this may sound dreadful) this is the best time for flies, rodents, ants (many kinds of them) cockroaches and spiders to find a better shelter in preparation for winter.

These pests do not ask for our permission to stay inside our homes neither do they provide health benefits to our children. Pests are intruders, disease carriers and they shouldn’t be allowed to make our homes their refuge in winter. Whether we like it or not, pests are not pets! They cannot and should not live among us.

Unfortunately, many homeowners are not completely sold on pest exterminating companies. They have every right to, however, have a professional Allpest thorough inspection. A thorough Allpest inspection provides homeowners a clear picture of how big or serious an infestation might be, what effective methods are best for the type of pests, and a better cost estimate in comparison to the amount of time needed to completely resolve the infestation problem.

Here’s a video showing the importance of a pest inspection.

The Importance of a Termite Inspection

Mike Winslow of the Winslow Group along with Jeff Z of Superior Pest Control, walk you through a termite inspection and explain the importance of having a termite inspection done when purchasing or refinancing a home. www.winslowgroup.com http

Here are the top 5 reasons why every homeowner should call an exterminating company.

1. Trained and certified pest control technicians

Professional pest control technicians are experts in their fields. They are trained individuals  and certified to perform pest exterminations at any levels.

2. Specialized Extermination Plans

All pest exterminating company works within a specialized plan for each type of pest infestation. They don’t do guesswork! Like engineers, they prefer to use the most effective, tried and tested pest extermination strategies in order to successfully carry out their plans.

3. Complete knowledge of risks and hazards

A professional all pest control technician knows all kinds of risks and hazards that accompany his every action as well as the proper procedures in order to avoid these risks. So if your pest control guy is trying to exterminate a bee infestation in your yard, expect that he wears appropriate protective suit and tools to protect himself from swarm attacks.

Non-toxic Home Pest Control – Avoid the Risks of Neurotoxic


Non-toxic home pest control – get rid of flies, shoo away mosquitoes, keep yellowjackets away from your picnic, make a fruit fly trap.

4. Cost Efficient

I know this is one of the major reasons why some homeowners do not hire the services of pest control companies – they’re too expensive. But have you calculated the costs of repeatedly buying ineffective products for a recurring pest infestation problem? You keep on asking why these types of pests haven’t gone away at least? Well, ask yourself again, can an all pest control company do the job one time, at least every year or two and save my properties from bigger, more costly repairs? That should be a big yes!

5. Time

For most of us, time is very precious and it is more valuable this time of the year when all kinds of dreaded fall pests gather inside your home! An all pest exterminating company can do the work of eliminating every kind of pests in your home at the least amount of time, at the right time. They know when to come into your home and get all these pests away and they know when these pests come back.

Why Hire a Pest Control Professional?

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