It’s common for pests to enter your home. They’re seeking out food, water, and a safe place to dwell, all the things your home provides. Spiders, Carpenter Ants, Centipedes, and Silverfish seek the basement because they’re best acclimated to that environment.

While there are several proven strategies for eliminating pests, let’s identify what types of pests are attracted to your basement.

Carpenter Ants


The carpenter ant is a large, dark-colored worker ant that is often found in basements due to their attraction to wood. These pests are known to chew through and soften wood while making highly extensive tunnel systems.

Naturally, if allowed to remain inside the home, structural damage may occur.

If found in the basement, eliminate as much moisture as possible. In doing so, the area will become less attractive.



Centipedes are a type of carnivorous basement pest that preys on several other types of pests that may find their way into a home. Examples include spiders, flies, and worms.

These creatures are naturally drawn to basements for the darkness and moisture. These pests are considered to be nocturnal. That means that they will typically not appear during daylight hours; however, given the naturally dark environment of basements, it is possible to observe an infestation during standard daylight hours.

Again, eliminate moisture in the area. Removing their food source, the bugs they prey upon is the next step to get rid of centipedes in the basement.


Silverfish identification

Just like other pests that seek out the basement, silverfish flock to the area because of the cool, dark, damp environment. While nocturnal pests that are not commonly noticed right away, these creatures have the capability of reproducing very quickly.

These pests are not considered to be a danger, but they have the capability of destroying items that are often found in basements. Examples include clothing, books, paper, and food.

In order to completely eliminate these pests, it will be necessary to enlist the assistance of a professional pest control company.


Daddy Long Leg Spider in the Basement

Spiders are not only the most common pest found in the basement; they are also the single pest that most people think of when they think of basement pests. Darkness and dampness make the basement an ideal location for these creatures.

While they’re highly beneficial because they consume other insects in the basement, they do not make for good house guests.

If you observe a lot of spiders in your basement, it is a good indication that you have a pest problem – not just with spiders, but with other insects as well. If this is the case, it is time to call in your local exterminator.



Ok, so rodents are not bugs, but we feel they belong on this list because they’re a common problem that can grow out of control quickly if not taken care of.

Rodents are attracted to the basement because it often has very little human traffic and they’re are usually easy places to hide.

The most common types include the black rat, the Norway rat, and the common house mouse.

One of the main reasons rodent problems can grow so quickly is that most species release pheromones. These substances emitted by the rodent attract other rodents to the area.

Also, rodents are fully capable of retracing their steps. So, once they enter the basement, they can find their exact track – over and over again.

If you notice droppings, marks that look as if something has been gnawing in the area, and marks that look greasy, you likely have a rodent infestation.

You can take steps to eliminate mice and other rodents. Make sure there is no food stored in the area. Rodents can chew through bags, boxes and even plastic. It’s best to remove food completely. Next, look for holes in the home that they might be entering through and patch them up. Then there is a large assortment of traps on the market. If all else fails, make sure to call your local pest control expert.

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