more americans take precautions against bedbugsAs we continue with our series, “Bed Bugs in Institutions”, we have received many inquiries on how to determine if bed bugs are to blame for the bites that patients experience while in certain healthcare institutions. As stated last week, it is difficult to determine if bed bugs are to blame for the bites and detrimental health effects of those in institutions. In most instances, the primary method of determining if bed bugs are present is if it is confirmed that bites are received during the night. Circumstantial evidence is exceptionally important in determining if bed bugs are present in a healthcare institution. This week, we are going to continue to expound on this issue in order to clarify the signs of a bed bug presence for our readers.

The Circumstantial Evidence
Bed bug bites are similar to those that may be caused by fleas and mosquitoes. In order to confirm that bed bugs are present in a healthcare institution, you must consider the presence of circumstantial evidence. As mentioned in a previous installment, bed bugs are most likely to feed during the night time hours, when the institution is dark; however, in some instances, they may feed during the day. This commonly occurs when the infestation is experiencing some degree of stress such as not being able to find a food source, the presence of cleaning products, the use of pesticides, and overcrowding of the species. To determine if bed bugs are to blame for the bites experienced by those in a healthcare institution, consider the following circumstantial evidence:

  • Those that are subject to the feedings of bed bugs may show a reaction immediately; however, in some instances, the reaction may take up to two weeks to occur.
  • If an inspection is performed in areas where bed bugs are suspected and no evidence is found of their existence, the culprit is probably another type of insect.
  • If the bites occur outside the institution, mosquitoes and fleas may be to blame. This is especially true if the weather is warm outside.
  • If puncture wounds are present where patients and others in the institution are bitten, the culprit is likely a bite from a spider or another type of insect.

If you have determined, by the presence of circumstantial evidence, that bed bugs are to blame for the bites that patients and others in the health institution, you must immediately treat the infestation. Failure to do so will result in many further complications and may even result in the development of more serious health issues, such as the onset of asthma and anemia. It is best to avoid the use of pesticides and insecticides in an institution. These products are not 100% effective in eliminating infestations, but, it is 100% possible for those in the institution to experience negative health effects from these products. The absolute best bed bug treatment is heat treatment. Currently, we here at All Pest Exterminating Inc. are the only pest control company that offers these treatments. Not only is heat treatment 100% effective, it is the safest bed bug elimination method. Make an appointment today to learn more about this amazing treatment by calling: 765-259-0043