Bed Bugs in InstitutionsIn the past 6 weeks, you have learned a great deal about bed bugs in institutions – including how to identify bites, the potential health hazards of bed bugs, and how to start an integrated bed bug management approach. This week, in the 7th installment of our series, Bed Bugs in Institutions, you will learn some basic housekeeping procedures that may be put into place in your facility to prevent the development of an infestation. If an infestation has already developed, these procedures may also aid in the elimination of that infestation. Not only will these procedures aid in the prevention and/or elimination of bed bugs, but, they will also help in disinfecting and sanitizing your institution – as a whole.

Thorough Cleaning is a Must – Floors and Furniture

In any healthcare setting -be it a clinic, a hospital, or a nursing home – thorough cleaning is a necessity. First and foremost, cleaning the floors throughout the institution should be a high priority. These are spaces where bed bugs may hide, travel, or be introduced to the facility. If there is carpeting in your facility, it should be vacuumed on a regular basis. Regularly-scheduled steam cleanings should be scheduled throughout the entire year. Standard floors should be swept and mopped on a daily basis. While it is true that these activities are time consuming, it is best to clean thoroughly all through the year than to experience a bed bug infestation

In addition to flooring, furniture pieces and beds should be cleaned on a regular basis. In fact, if at all possible, it is best to encase all beddings in plastic that is designed to keep an infestation from occurring. Many facilities have even successfully integrated clear furniture covers on all of the furniture pieces throughout the facility. If you opt for furniture covers, it is imperative that you choose those that add to the look and the comfort of the pieces. Thorough cleaning measures involve a lot more than just standard sprays and disinfectants. A healthcare institution should also engage in cleaning measures that address the floors and furniture pieces to secure the facility from bed bugs.

Organization is Essential

Patients that visit and/or stay in your institution will likely bring a variety of items from their home to optimize their comfort level during their stay. You should not only have a system in place that checks for and eliminates bed bugs among personal belongings, but, you should also offer organization techniques that will keep personal items off of the floor. Additionally, you should make certain that you offer laundry services for personal belongings. This will aid in reducing the possibility of a bed bug infestation and, if a bed bug population is present, will help in reducing the population. In addition to this, you should ensure that your institution receives bed bug heat treatments in regular intervals throughout the year. One of the most reputable agencies currently offering these innovative and highly-effective treatments is All Pest Exterminating Inc.….For more information about bed bug treatments in healthcare institutions, call: 765-259-0043