Who is considered the highest rated Home Inspection Company in Richmond, Indiana? If you’re looking for a home inspection company that’s highly rated by consumers and real estate professionals, you got it, it’s Thorough Check Home Inspection, a part of All Pest Exterminating.

Home Inspection by Phil from All Pest Exterminators

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a thorough and highly objective visual-based examination and assessment of a structure and all of the elements of that structure, such as the plumbing, the electrical, the flow from the well, a swab test for the presence of lead-based paints, radon testing, and even determining the presence of pests that detrimentally impact the overall stability of the structure.

A full home inspection is the best defense against future liability for the seller and the most assured way a buyer can feel comfortable with the home purchase…”Tory Graham

Why Are Home Inspections Performed?

A home inspection is typically performed to identify any and all potential issues that are present in and around a structure for the person or persons that have an interest in purchasing that structure. This inspection not only helps a potential buyer determine if they truly want the property, it helps to prepare a buyer for actions that need to be taken once the property is purchased.

What Are Pre-Inspections?

Pre-inspections are relatively new, when it comes to the real estate market. These are initiated by the seller of a home. They have the inspection performed prior to making arrangements with a real estate professional for listing. In some instances, the information obtained from the pre-inspection is utilized to correct those issues. In other instances, it is to provide potential buyers with a thorough overview of the said property.

Who Offers the Best Pre-Inspections and Home Inspections in Richmond and Surrounding Areas?

All Pest Exterminating, Inc. is ranked among the highest within the real estate sector for pre-inspections for sellers and home inspections for potential buyers. Not only do we offer the most comprehensive assessments in the area, but we offer the most competitive prices while providing top-quality, friendly customer service, and speedy service.

What Are the Benefits of Using All Pest for My Home Inspection?

Many benefits are associated with utilizing All Pest for your home inspections. According to real estate professionals and consumers alike, the following lists the most common advantages:

  • The home inspections allow you to determine if there are big issues associated with the structure, the roof, the foundation, and even the heating and air associated with the home.
  • A positive home inspection optimizes a consumer’s level of confidence in the property that you are selling.
  • Pre-inspections are extremely thorough and allow you time to correct any issues that are found prior to listing your property.
  • Inspections will allow you to create a specifically-worded warranty associated with the home that you are selling. If you have a warranty in place, you are likely to sell your home much more quickly than if a warranty did not exist.

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