Termite Facts

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Let All Pest Exterminator Richmond deal with these wood destroyers.

A termite colony is a very serious, damaging enemy.

Termites live in highly organized and efficient societies. This organization and their efficiency cause more damage to homes and buildings in America each year than fires, lightning, tornadoes, earthquakes & hurricanes combined. Your homeowner’s insurance probably does not cover the damage from termites. The only way to prevent damage is a termite treatment.

Termites are practically everywhere

Termites infest every state in the U.S except Alaska. There may be as many as a dozen termite colonies in an acre of land. More likely than not, there are termites in the ground below your home or business.

One myth that most people believe is that termites attack only structural wood. Termites will actually attack anything that contains cellulose- books, carpets, drywall, flooring, subflooring, fabrics,furniture, and more.

They also work silently and are hidden from view

Termites can cause extensive damage before you ever know they are there. One of the first signs of possible termite activity are exposed mud tubes, or swarming termites in the spring or fall. There may be sagging floors, jammed doors, or cracking paint & plaster.  Termites are hidden invaders- they work from the inside out. The subterranean nests are impossible to locate &, therefore, cannot be eliminated by natural control measures. The only solution you have is to keep them shielded from your home or building.

Termites only need a space the thickness of a dime to enter your home. They will follow a pipe right through the concrete slab foundation. If all else fails and there is no protected passage from the ground into your home, they will build their own mud tunnels to travel through.

Yes – we do termites!  Contact us and we’ll rid you of this pest poste-haste!

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