Chemical Pneumonia from Pesticides

Improper Use of Over-The-Counter Pesticides Could Result in the Development of Chemical Pneumonia

According to numerous studies, if over-the-counter pesticides are used improperly, the individual utilizing those substances could develop chemical pneumonia. While considered to be a rare form of lung irritation, each year, thousands of individuals experience some type of respiratory complication as a result of inhalation and exposure to pesticides purchased over-the-counter. When this occurs, the lung tissue within the body become inflamed as a result of exposure to the poison and other toxic substances located within the over-the-counter pesticides. In this brief guide, you will be introduced to the symptoms associated with chemical pneumonia and the complications that may occur with this issue.

Common Symptoms of Chemical Pneumonia

When using over-the-counter pesticides, one of the first symptoms of chemical pneumonia is shortness of breath. This may be followed by extreme pain when breathing, a wet cough that produces mucus or blood, nausea, and irritation and/or burning of the throat, mouth, lips, nose, and/or eyes.

In addition to these symptoms, a sufferer may find that they experience moderate to severe pain in the abdomen, a headache, pain in the chest, and symptoms that resemble those of the flu. Confusion, disorientation, delirium, voice hoarseness, swelling, sweating, and a rapid pulse may also occur. If any of these symptoms are experienced when using store-bought pesticides, immediate medical attention should be sought.


The severity of the chemical pneumonia associated with pesticides will be dependent upon many factors. These include the type and strength of the substance utilized, the amount of time in which the sufferer was exposed, the general health of the exposed, and what ingredient has caused the unfavorable reaction of the respiratory system.

A person may develop cyanosis. This is when the mouth or the skin discolors into a shade of blue. The voice may start to change and severe swelling may occur in the throat, which could obstruct breathing. Vomiting and aspiration may immediately start. The pesticide may result in blood poisoning, unconsciousness, and death.

Avoiding Chemical Pneumonia

While over-the-counter pesticides are generally less expensive and more convenient than professional pest control services, it is best to avoid buying and utilizing these products. This is the best measure for avoiding chemical pneumonia.

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