The last time we ever heard of epidemics caused by dengue-causing mosquitoes in the United States was in 1820s – 1940s. Every 10 year cycle, this epidemic returns becoming much worse. After the World War II there was an all-out war against these dengue mosquitoes. The WWII dengue eradication programs broke the chains of transmission between insects and humans and when the war ended, dengue has moved back to where to the tropics. This deadly and widely feared mosquitoes has been for a long time contained in the Tropic regions. It wasn’t until 2009 and 2010 that dengue-causing mosquitoes returned to the United States, bringing more serious treats to the Key West counties. There were also reported dengue cases in Texas, the Caribbean and in Hawaii in 2001 and 2005.

How Dengue-Causing Mosquitoes Made It’s Way Back in the United States

The United States is at the sweet spot for the reintroduction of this mosquito-dwelling virus. We have the mosquito vectors. We have the climate. We have the human bodies. All that’s needed is an imported case of dengue – either from an American returning from travel overseas or a visitor from a dengue-endemic country – to reintroduce the virus to the millions of biting mosquitoes that are infamous down here in the south.

Dengue Fever: 12 Effective Ways to Prevent & Fight Dengue

The number of death due to dengue has increased considerable over a period of two months. Expert suggests that the mosquito borne viral disease is causing health scare in the country. In such a scenario, prevention and Read more …

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