There are several easy and affordable pest control prevention techniques that may be utilized to keep termites away from your home. Termites are small insects that are known to destroy wood. These pests have the ability to quietly nest –unnoticed – in and around a home and cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to the structure and surrounding areas. When it comes to accessing the home in which you reside, termites are considered to be exceptionally proficient. According to statistics, termites damage at least 600,000 residential structures each year in the United States alone. In order to prevent, control, and treat termite infestations and repair the damage caused by these annoying pests, individuals that reside in the United States spend approximately $5 billion or more, annually. By following the preventative pest control treatment steps outlined in this guide, you will find that it is relatively easy to eliminate the possibility of termites invading your home, and other sensitive locations on your property.

Prevention through Identification

Believe it or not, the very first step to preventing termites is to be able to identify the pests. By being able to identify termites, you will find that you are on alert for a potential invasion. These pests rarely emerge from the locations where they commonly nest, which include the soil, specially-designed mud tubes, or food sources in which they are tunneling. In most instances, a person will not be aware that there is a termite in or near their home until they visibly see damage or witness a swarm. Below, you will find a few steps that will aid in the discovery of an infestation:

  • Look at any and all exposed wood carefully; should you observe any type of hollow spots, it is likely that an infestation is present.
  • Look in and around the home for mud tubes. If any are located, make an attempt to look inside. The presence of small insects that are creamy-white in color indicates there are termites.
  • You should look around to see if you observe a swarm. Termites have straight antennae and their wings are the same length.

Prevention through Home Preparation

Regardless of whether or not you discovered an infestation in or around your home, there are many preventative measures that may be taken, when it comes to your home. If you are in the process of constructing your home, a concrete foundation is an essential pest control treatment for termites. Once the concrete foundation is in place, you should ensure that a small ventilation region is located between the soil where the home is placed and the wood of the home. All exposed wood of the home should have a sealant or a metal barrier placed. In addition to this, the following easy and affordable pest control measures should be taken:

  • The soil located around the home’s foundation should be kept as dry as possible. You may install and maintain gutters and downspouts to succeed in this endeavor. Proper grading and proper drainage are the key components to success in this endeavor.
  • If openings are observed in or around the home, you should be sure to reduce them so that termites are unable to find their way into your home. You may fill a cracked foundation with cement and other cracks with grout or even caulking.
  • If any leaks occur in or around your home, be sure to repair the issue as quickly as possible as the moisture is sure to attract termites.
  • Vent systems should be placed around the home. Once placement is successful, be certain to ensure that they are not blocked by plants or other types of debris.
  • Trees, shrubs, and other types of plants should not be planted too close to your home. Additionally, these items should not be allowed to grow near any wood that is part of your home or property.
  • Firewood and other types of wood-based debris should not be piled, stored, or left near your home or other structures on your land.
  • Regular inspections should be done to ensure that termites have not infested your property and/or home.


The easiest and most affordable pest control against termites is to prevent them. First, you should learn how to identify termites, so that if an infestation does occur, you will be able to identify it and seek professional pest control services immediately. Once you know how to identify the signs of an infestation, you must then take prevention steps in and around your home to further secure it from a possible infestation. If you find that an infestation is present, you should seek out local, affordable pest control services to help in eliminating the infestation. Commercial pest control agencies have access to the safest and top-rated pesticides that are designed, specifically, to completely eliminate an infestation. While there are pesticides available on the market, these often take longer periods of time to work effectively. Once an infestation has been discovered, immediate action is required and only a professional affordable pest control company has the ability to take immediate and effective action against termites.