box elder beetlesBox elder beetles are considered to be a common nuisance in the United States. These annoying pests are approximately a half inch in length. The insects are mostly black, but, do have red or reddish-colored lines on the back section of their bodies. These insects mostly derive their nutrition from the juices of the ever-popular box elder tree; however, it is common to discover box elder beetles on other types of plants. While these insects are not known to cause an immense amount of damage, large populations are found during the fall months. This is because the box elder beetle transforms from a nymph to an adult. Immediately thereafter, many will group together and invade various types of structures in the fall months in order to prepare for the winter.

When box elder beetles elect to invade structures in preparation for for winter, they will aim for homes, sheds, garages, barns, and similar types of buildings. The insects are able to enter into the buildings just like other pests – through cracks, any present crevices, through doors, around foundation areas, and on shoes and clothing. If a building has any openings on the south region or the west region, this is where the box elder beetles are most likely to enter. During the winter months, it is common to see these beetles emerge from the structures that they have invaded in order to go out into the sunlight.

Getting rid of box elder beetles is a challenging endeavor. Once the insects are inside of the home, one of the best treatment techniques is simply to pull out the vacuum and suck up the insects. Once they are in the canister, they should be emptied in a wooded area. If you have a large amount of box elder beetles, it is important to consider utilizing professional pest control measures. All Pest Exterminating has all of the tools and supplies needed to stop box elder beetles in their tracks. If you are sick of combatting the nasty old pests and want them gone – once and for all – you should contact us immediately. Not only will you receive assistance from one of our highly certified pest control technicians, but, you may be eligible for a special coupon and/or other savings. If you are ready to get rid of all of those box elder beetles, simply click HERE for more information.