Thank you for continuing our series, Garden Pests. Last week, you were introduced to a few of the most common pests found in gardens – aphids, armyworms, blister beetles, cabbage worms, and earwigs.

In this week’s installment, we will continue to expound on common garden pests. It is true that many insects found within a garden may prove to be beneficial for the growth of the crops; however, in many instances, the insects produce less-than-favorable results.

When starting a garden, it is important to learn which pests may negatively impact your cultivation efforts. If you discover that you need assistance in eliminating common garden pests, we here at All Pest Exterminating, Inc. are standing by to assist you!

Garden Pests

We all love grasshoppers; however, these insects are considered to be highly voracious feeders. In fact, they have the capability of eating half of their total body weight each day! These insects chew on leaves, stems, and flowers. If the infestation is large enough, it may destroy your entire garden!


garden-pests-rootmaggotsRoot Maggots
Root maggots are very common among gardens in the United States. These insects are known to feed on the roots underneath the ground. They have the capability of attacking vegetable crops. Plants that are detrimentally impacted by these pests may lose vigor. It is common to see that their growth is stunted and discoloration may appear. Common crops impacted by root maggots include cabbage, onions, radish, turnips, and carrots.


garden-pests-stinkbugStink Bugs
Stink bugs have been known to damage both large crops and home gardens. These insects commonly suck the sap from plants. Upon doing so, they weaken those plants. In addition to this, these pests will consume various types of vegetation, an assortment of vegetables, and various types of fruits. Stink bugs commonly kill the plants in which they feed.


It does not matter if you have a greenhouse garden, an indoor garden, or a garden outside, thrips may invade and wreak havoc on your cultivation efforts. These insects suck the juices from crops and scrap out leaves, flowers, and fruits. Crops that have become the subject of their destruction will often turn pale in color, appear to be splotchy, and will die.


Many vegetable crops are damaged by wireworms each and every single day. The main crops destroyed by these insects include potato crops, onion crops, and carrot crops. These are very tough and exceptionally slender works that have shiny skin. They feed underneath the ground. This means that they consume seeds, bulbs, roots, and tubers. Plants that are detrimentally impacted by these pests will wilt and then die. In some instances, the damage is so immense that reseeding the entire garden will be necessary.

Once again, thank you for following our two-part series on garden pests. At All Pest Exterminating, Inc. we are highly knowledgeable on garden pests and have the expertise to identify the insects and quickly eliminate them.

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