heat treatment for bed bugs

Sensitivity to chemicals has become more common in recent years. If you or someone in your family has a sensitivity to chemicals, you are cautious about using any service or product that involves chemicals. It affects every aspect of your family’s life – how you clean your house, your clothes and your body. Even the food you eat has to be chemical free. Because of this, you may have thought you could only use do it yourself pest control methods to get rid of bed bugs that are not very effective to make sure you weren’t exposing your family and home to chemicals.

Fortunately, effective pest control is no longer reliant on chemicals. All Pest Exterminating Inc. offers heat treatment for bed bugs that is suitable for anyone who must avoid exposure to chemicals as much as possible. As bed bugs have become more tolerant of chemical solutions anyway, having an alternative method is better. Bed bugs can’t develop the same kind of tolerance for heat treatments that they can for chemical treatments. That fact makes heat a more effective pest control method than the best chemical options.

Like most people who deal with chemical sensitivities, you are probably concerned about the effect chemicals have on the environment. Using heat treatment for bed bugs instead of chemicals is also a way you can help have a positive impact on the environment. No chemicals will be going out into the air and in your home, you won’t have the worry about what they will do to your pets and houseplants.

How does heat treatment work to kill those nasty bugs? First, your home will need to be prepared. Since high temperatures are used throughout your home, anything that could be damaged by the heat must be removed. All Pest has a form detailing the kinds of items that would be damaged by the heat. You will want to read this carefully and try not to overlook removing anything you wouldn’t want to lose.

Heat treatment for bed bugs could daughter sleeping

Once your home is properly prepared, special equipment is used to increase the temperature in the house. The temperature range used is from 120 to 160 degrees. Every nook and cranny will be raised into this temperature range. The bugs won’t be able to find a place to hide. The heat treatment works faster than chemicals. Once the heat reaches the right level, the bugs begin to die and so do their eggs. After the treatment is completed, you only have to wait until the temperature drops enough to not be uncomfortable to go back into your home. Without chemicals, you won’t have to worry about waiting for it to air out enough to be safe.

If you need to avoid chemicals but your home has become part of the bed bug epidemic, call All Pest. You will get good news about how to deal with those pests cleanly and effectively.

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