Cracks in your home invite bugs. Repairing these cracks can both prevent and solve infestations of common winter pests. If you’re seeing an influx of bugs and don’t know where your home’s vulnerabilities lie – or how to fix them, you can have your home inspected for cracks by a professional.

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Insects and various other pests are quick to enter into openings of your home as the temperatures drop. Immediately after entry, these troublesome creatures will inhabit a specific portion of your home and will initiate the process of reproduction.

Your “cracks” may include doors that are unsealed, screens that are slightly torn, openings in your foundation, or even openings present in your walls. Continue reading to learn the importance of getting your cracks inspected and repaired.

The first day, one is a guest. The second, a burden, and the third, a pest….” – Jean de la Bruyere

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Seal Your Cracks

There are numerous benefits associated with sealing cracks and other openings in your home. The first – of course – is to prevent insects and other types of pests from entering your home and taking up residence there. The second is to reduce the amount of energy that you use. Third, it helps in preventing the development of moisture accumulation (which also attracts pests). Finally, it optimizes the overall security and general health of your home.

Cracks are Entry Points

Just as you require a door for entry into a structure, insects and other pests require an entry point. Cracks are just that – an entry point into your most treasured and valuable asset, your home. To avoid indoor infestations during the winter months, you must seal up all of your cracks. Not only are you closing up the entry points to your residence, but, you are also removing the habitats that various types of pests seek. Remember, have your home inspected from the roof all the way to the foundation.

Cracks are Waterways

As with all living creatures, insects and other pests – such as rodents – require water to survive. Cracks are waterways. In fact, it has been established that even a very small crack can result in access to gallons upon gallons of water a year. Naturally, where the water is, the pests are sure to follow. Inspect and seal up those cracks this winter and you are putting an end to hydrating creatures that you do not want in your home.

Cracks Destroy Your Home

Not only do cracks serve as entry points for pests and water, but, other types of environmental substances and contaminants may enter the home. As a result of all of this making its way into your home, you may start to notice that your home becomes damaged. Wood may become softer, mold may develop, water may stain…the list goes on and on. And, guess what? Insects and pests LOVE environments that contain softwoods, mold, and standing water.

Get Rid of Your Cracks and Unwanted Guests Today

Now that you are aware of the damage and other complications that may stem from the development of cracks in your home, it is time to get those areas inspected and repaired today. While you are at it, contact us so we can help you get rid of those unwanted guests and prevent future unwanted guests from entering your home. Give us a call to set up your appointment to have your home inspected and treated.