House mice commonly invade homes during the spring months. These rodents are small and slender in nature. They are typically distinguishable by the small nose that is slightly pointed and their small size. These pests have small eyes that protrude just a bit and a tail with no hair, only scale rings. According to research, these creatures –though, quite cute to many – are the most troublesome and the most economically devastating of all rodents within the United States.

The adult house mouse typically weighs up to 4/5th of an ounce. Many may appear to be black, while others are gray or a gray brown color. While originating from Central Asia, these pests are extremely common in North America. It is believed that they arrived with settlers that came from the Europe region. According to pest researchers, these creatures are considered to be extremely adaptable. The creatures tend to gravitate towards areas where humans reside. In fact, this is the most common type of rodent seen in residential structures and commercial structures.

If you find that your home or the area around your home has been infested by house mice, it is imperative that you tackle the problem immediately. The control of mouse populations is most often successful with the use of glue boards, mouse bait stations, snap traps, and standard mouse traps. House mice have a very large population. If you fail to control the creatures immediately, you will find that they take over very quickly. Unfortunately, baiting and disposing of caught house mice may prove to be burdensome to many. This is why it is often best to entrust these activities to a professional pest control company.

House mice will eat all day. The main times for meal consumption are dusk and dawn. Each mouse has the ability to eat up to 15% of their total body weight each day. These creatures may be observed and/or heard during the daytime hours, but, have a higher level of activity during the night time hours. The creatures may climb easily and have the ability to run up vertical surfaces. If you have seen droppings, or other signs of house mice, it is important that you work to eliminate the problem as quickly as possible.

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