common garden pests part 2

Thank you for rejoining us we continue to study the instincts of common garden pests. As a gardener, you may always be battling insects and other critters during crop cultivation. There are insects that are considered to be beneficial for crops; then, there are those that are highly detrimental to your crops.

Last week, we expounded on the instincts and activities associated with armyworms, blister beetles, and cucumber beetles. This week, we will continue on with this series with three more common garden pests.

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Common Garden Pests

common garden pests - grasshoppers

common garden pests – grasshoppers

4. Grasshopper
The grasshopper – though considered to be interesting and “cute” insects – are considered to be highly detrimental to most crops. These insects are able to consume approximately half of their body weight each day. They eat the stems and the leaves of numerous plants. These pests have been known to destroy large fields of crops at one time. According to statistics, approximately 25% of all of the available forage located in the western region of the United States is consumed by grasshoppers each year.

common garden pests - slugs and snails

the snail is also a common garden pest

5. Slugs/Snails
If you have a garden, a highly landscaped yard, and/or an orchard, you will find that slugs/snails are exceptionally troublesome. These pests seem to thrive in areas that are damp and have a lot of shade. It is common to observe the creatures underneath rocks, on the sides of foundations, and in garden areas that contain a high level of mulch. While these insects are most active during the night time hours, they may be observed in the evening and early morning hours. Most plants that receive damage from these are those that grow low to the ground. Vegetables that are leafy and ripen fruit plants are also subject to the destruction of slugs/snails.

common garden pests thrips

tiny thrips do a lot of damage in the garden

6. Thrips
If you have an indoor garden, outdoor garden, and/or a greenhouse, you are likely to suffer from an infestation of thrips. These pests actually scrap the plants and suck out the juices. The leaves may start to discolor and then die. The worst part is, these pests feed in relatively large groups. If disturbed, they will leap or will fly away. They are most commonly found on onions, squash, beans, and carrots; however, they have been known to infest other types of crops during cultivation, too. These insects may cause the spotted wilt virus on tomatoes and the necrotic spot virus on impatiens.

While gardening is an enjoyable hobby to many, it is also considered to be an expensive endeavor. The last thing you want to deal with is a group of pests that will feed on and destroy your crops.

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