Despite the changing seasons, most pests do not take a break at ANY time of year. Due to this fact, pest control treatment all year round is important. While many insects go into a hibernation process throughout winter, there are multitudes of pests that remain active – despite the cold. Examples include spiders, termites, roaches, bed bugs, and rodents. By engaging in year-round pest control, you can save your home from the often-unruly infestations that occur from various types of pests.

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Is Year-Round Professional Pest Control Really Worth it?

Yes, year-round professional pest control is definitely worth the cost. Many believe that this is just a gimmick to get those hard-earned dollars. The truth of the matter is, though, bugs can survive in winter. Professional pest control services prevent and completely resolve pest issues any time of year.

How Does it Work?

The following outlines exactly how professional pest control services administered all throughout the year work to eliminate current infestations and prevent future ones from occurring:

  1. Did you know that out of the pests that you can see, there are approximately 90% more that you do not see? That is right, at any given time, you can only see about 10% of any type of infestation. This is why those over-the-counter products never seem to truly work. Yes, they are typically effective on contact, but what about the pests that never make contact? They simply are not affected by the products that you purchase at the store. Professional pest control products are designed with delayed effects. This helps to disrupt breeding cycles quickly and effectively.
  2. Pests are located just about everywhere. They have a high level of resiliency and they are capable of quickly adapting. Professional pest control has the ability to curtail any bugs that are currently present. Additionally, these services help to prevent new pests from moving into your property and/or home. Professionals will create a barrier around your property and your home. If one product breaks down, there is another right behind it that remains effective.
  3. When it comes to pests, it is a known fact that defense is actually considered the best offense to the situation. By having professional services all throughout the year, your property will be inspected and the original barrier is consistently renewed. This means that all year long, you will find that you have no issues – whatsoever – with pests.
  4. The next reason that all-year pest control works is that the treatments are customized according to your property and the season. Each season in each area of the United States experiences some type of nuisance pest. This can differ from one area to another. Pest control technicians know your area and what types of weather will affect insects and pests and how. This allows the professional to switch up treatment methods so that you experience no problems all year long. Additionally, a warranty is typically offered. This means if any pests come back, the company will come back and provide the necessary treatment – for FREE!
  5. As a homeowner, you should be able to focus on what is truly important – your life. You should not be troubled by pests or have to cope with their cohabitation. Professional pest control services take all of the work out of the process. The year-round pest control maintenance plan is truly the way to go. The technicians can identify an issue before it has time to start. Plus, if nuisance pests arrive that cause damage to the home – such as carpenter ants and termites – these may be dealt with before you have to spend thousands of dollars repairing the damage that they leave behind.

How Often Should Pest Control be Administered to the Home?

In year-round pest control services, you actually have many options as to how often the treatment is administered to the home. In some cases, once a quarter or once every two to three months is considered to be appropriate. There are many companies that provide month-to-month treatment.

You will need to discuss the treatment plans that are available with the company that will handle your home. Many factors will be considered.

Examples include the area where you live, current pest issues you are experiencing, the size of the home, the environmental conditions surrounding your home, and the strength of the treatments provided by the company.

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Why is Pest Control Needed in Winter?

Many believe that when the cold sets in, the pests set out. This simply is not true.

There are pests that will go dormant through a hibernation period in the winter months, but not all. In fact, crawling insects, spiders, roaches, and various types of rodents are very active in the winter months.

Due to the warmth of the interior of your home, they will make every effort to get inside to escape the cold that is outside. This is why you need pest control in the winter – to keep these pesky creatures outside, where they belong.

Is Monthly Pest Control Really Needed?

In most cases, a quarterly visit from a pest control company is good enough for residential buildings. It is important to understand that some of the treatments administered are only effective for a couple of months. These treatments include those that are designed for roaches, spiders, and silverfish.

If you have an ant infestation that is out of control, it is best to have monthly visits from a pest control technician. These visits may be needed each month for a period of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or 12 months – it all depends on the types of ants you have and the severity of the infestation.

Are Bugs Worse in the Summer or in the Winter?

In general, bugs are most active in the summer months; however, there are some instances when certain pests will become more troublesome during the winter. This includes those that do not go dormant and are actively seeking warmth when it is cold outside. This is why it is imperative that you choose year-round professional pest control – to ensure all of the bases are completely covered.

How Much is Professional Pest Control?

The price of professional pest control varies from one home to another. It will depend on the measurements of the home, the measurements of the property, the type of pest control to be administered, and the company that you use. In most instances, the annual cost will range from $350 to $950. Monthly visits range from $30 to $65. The initial visit may be a bit higher to get the service started. You will need to make an appointment for a free quote from the company of your choosing to determine the price that you will pay.

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