What is it about winter that encourages pests to come inside the house to visit? It’s all about the weather change that brings rain, fog and snow. The wind plays havoc with the exposed areas insects and rodents usually hang out during summer and fall. Once it turns cold, your home looks friendly and inviting.

cozy and warm by the fireplace

The following hints reduces the number of pests attracted to your yard and into your home.

1 Trim trees and hedges so they are clear from the house. Limbs that touch the walls or hang over the roof provide access for bugs and rodents.

2 Replace worn weather stripping and seals around entryways and windows. Open spaces between the garage door and the walls provide access to small animals, birds, and bugs.

3 Check gutters and rainspouts to be sure they are clear of leaves, dirt and other types of debris. Even if you live in the wilderness, there are plenty of other safe havens for outdoor critters to winter besides your home and anything attached to it.

4 Inspect the windows, pipes, and HVAC system to be sure there’s no access to the interior of your home. Mice slither through narrow openings and have no concern about being intruders.

5 Seal cracks on your home’s exterior to keep out ants, wasps and fleas.  Like spiders, they want a dry, warm area during the winter. If they lay eggs, you’ll end up with a hive of insects and bugs eating your home from the inside out.

6 Check cupboards and shelves for spiders every few weeks. They like nesting in dark areas that are rarely disturbed. You’ll encourage them to leave just by moving things around in your space. If you find a poisonous spider like a Black Widow or Brown Recluse, avoid attacking it whenever possible. You don’t want bitten!

7 Have a separate area from the immediate yard to put trash cans. The same meal that smelled so good to you earlier may attract raccoons, squirrels and other wildlife. Tight-fitting lids on the cans keep many creatures out.

Continue to follow these steps on a regular basis to keep the next generation of pests out of your home.  An even better idea when you can’t do it all yourself – or you encounter a dangerous form of wildlife – is to call All Pest Exterminating, the professionals, to take care of the problem!