As temperatures begin to drop and nights become colder, expect to see more fall pests crawling and flying, looking for warmer places to stay and propagate. One of those places is your home which is the best source for food, water and shelter!

Have you seen one or two roaches crawling around, or a small mouse jumping and running around your kitchen? Watch out, it could be a sign of an early stage of fall pests infestation.

Common Fall Pests in SoCal | Home Is Where It’s At!


Fall in Southern California is a gorgeous season: with warm, sunny days and cooler nights, San Diego is bursting with fruits and vegetables ready for harvest. It’s also a busy time for insects, spiders, and rodents, which can

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The arrival of fall sends pests into homes – (blog)

The arrival of fall sends pests into (blog)These pests know the best way to survive the fall and winter is to find an overwintering spot where they will have access to food and water – unfortunately, all too often, these safe havens a …

And of course, we won’t leave this post without giving you ideas how to prevent these fall pests from invading and thriving in your home

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Fall Overwintering Pests

Fall Overwintering Pests