Soothe the Symptoms of Chemical Conjunctivitis Caused by Over-The-Counter Pesticides

Chemical conjunctivitis (also known as “pinkeye”) is caused by an unnatural response to an exposure to fumes, irritating liquid products, and powders. While many items may cause this type of pinkeye to develop, it is most commonly experienced by those that use over-the-counter pesticides.

Pinkeye is a very common issue among people. It is simply an inflammation between the backside of the eyelid and the covering of the actual eye. Pinkeye can be extremely contagious if it is a result of a virus or bacterial infection. If an irritant causes pinkeye, it is usually not contagious.

Pinkeye can be extremely uncomfortable – regardless of the cause. In this article, we will expound on some of the ways that a person may soothe the symptoms of chemical conjunctivitis caused by store-bought pesticides.

The first way that a person can soothe the symptoms of chemical-based pinkeye is to visit a doctor. This should always be the first step that a person takes if they find that they suspect having pinkeye. The doctor will be able to determine what kind of pinkeye that the person is experiencing, and may be able to prescribe medication for the condition. Antibiotics are usually prescribed to the patient with pinkeye.

The most common form of antibiotics that is prescribed is drops. Ointment and pills may also be prescribed. A doctor will determine the best treatment for that particular case. The antibiotics will help soothe the symptoms of pinkeye by addressing the underlying cause of the condition, and then work to resolve the issue at hand.

Once a person has visited their doctor, there are numerous ways that they can soothe the symptoms of pinkeye at home. One of the main ways is to take an over-the-counter pain reliever that is safe for them. One of the most common types of store-bought pain medication that is taken to lessen the symptoms of pinkeye is acetaminophen. A person should always consult their physician before starting any medication – even if it is OTC.

One of the main reasons for this is that some people are allergic and/or sensitive to certain ingredients in medications that can be purchased over the counter. Additionally, some over the counter medications may interact in such a way with prescriptions that it makes the prescriptions ineffective.

Vitamins have been found to be effective when one wants to soothe the symptoms of pinkeye. The most common vitamins that are used to treat the symptoms of pinkeye are Vitamin A and Vitamin B2.

These vitamins can be purchased in any local pharmacy in capsule form, or may be ingested by way of certain foods. Some examples of the foods that contain these very important vitamins are carrots, whole milk, fruits that contain citrus, bananas, and butter. Whether one chooses to ingest these vitamins directly through capsule form, or through foods, it is an effective way to treat the symptoms of chemical conjunctivitis caused by store-bought pesticides.

A very creative – but useful approach –  to treat the symptoms of chemical-based pinkeye is to drink vegetable juices. People who have used various vegetable juices – particularly those of the carrot and spinach – have found that these help to lessen the severity of the symptoms of chemical pinkeye. One may drink these juices individually, mix them together, or simply eat the product, in order to reap the benefits.

If a person wants to overcome the symptoms of pinkeye, they may engage in applying cool and warm compresses to the infected eye, or eyes. This works to reduce swelling and itching that occurs because of pinkeye.

If one performs this step, it is vital that they wash their hands and ensure that the compress is clean as well. This will help reduce the risk of spreading the infection, and will help to keep the area clean and promote healing.

There are many steps that are performed in order to soothe and overcome the symptoms of pesticide-induced chemical conjunctivitis. Before beginning any step, one should consult their doctor to ensure that it is appropriate for them. Pinkeye is an illness like any other.

It is important to get plenty of rest, make sure your area is clean and free from irritants, and that you stay properly hydrated. It is imperative that you avoid the use of store-bought pesticides, too!

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