Termites or White Ants are among the most difficult types of pests to completely eradicate. They are literally known as “wood destroyers” or “silent destroyers” and will be a constant threat to homes, barns, furniture and work areas. Termites feed on dead plants and wood and grow rapidly in ideal conditions where food, optimal temperature, moisture and shelter are present.

Queen Termite Wikimedia

The Queen Termite, though easily identifiable by its size and function in the colony, is not visible to the outside world. She hides deep into the termite nest, sitting and just laying termite eggs. Unless the queen termite is removed from her nest, you will never be free from them.

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The queen termite is usually bigger than the king. The worker termites are commonly seen crawling because they are tasked to look for food. They go in and out the colony more often than others. They are average in size.

Mature Queen Termite

What are termites? White bodied, wood destroying insects (commonly called “White Ants”). Termites, like Ants are social insects and live in Colonies. A termite colony is made up of the queen, king, winged reproductive, soldiers and worker

Below is a video of what’s inside a termite queen’s nest. Look closely at how hundreds of smaller termites crawl around the queen termite to serve her and provide her food.

Journey to the center of the…termite nest? Hard to believe this termite queen will produce almost 165 million eggs in her lifetime!

Termite colonies are families – millions of individual workers all descended from one king and one queen. But the colony itself tends to outlast this initial royal couple. When they die, new kings and queens rise.

The termite queen is surrounded by her faithful workers who attempt to push her into the darker part of her royal chamber. Although she can’t really move due to her size.

The thing about termites is that these insects are pretty hard to completely eradicate from your home or your yard. If you don’t get the queen termite, you may experience a resurgence of termite numbers over and over again.