Is your home currently being treated with pesticides? Regardless of the degree of pest infestation, pesticide use should always be sparing. In the kitchen, where food is mostly stored, pesticide treatment is almost always necessary. So how do we avoid or at least reduce exposure to common pesticides?

There are no easy answers, nor can we completely avoid contact with pesticides, but let these articles be your guide to help you find effective ways to keep your family, clothes and food from exposure to common pesticides.

How to reduce your exposure to common pesticides


(NaturalNews) Pesticides is the overall tag for insecticides and herbicides, among others. The suffix cide means to kill, as in homicide involves murdering humans. We do need pesticides for various protections against

What are pesticides and how do they get into our food?

Pesticides play an important role in maintaining yields of agricultural crops. However, the residues from pesticides can potentially be harmful to humans if they get into the food we eat. A pesticides expert at EFSA explains the measures that are in …

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Household cleaning and outdoor gardening that involve chemical use, including pesticides, fertilizers, drain cleaners, and cleaning sprays. Sports injuries while playing ball sports, such as tennis, racquetball and baseball. Working outdoors in the sunlight.

Natural Health Tip #4- Avoid Pesticides

In this video, Dr. Gerhauser explains the importance of limiting your exposure to pesticides. You need to be aware of the pesticides in your environment so you can avoid them at all costs. Make sure to pass this information along to those you love AS…

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Lisa Garber Sept 10, 2012. Pesticides don’t just damage and kill weeds and unwanted bugs; they can harm pets and people, children in particular—a small wonder, given they were created by the poison gas industry from