If you are reading this, chances are, you have an issue with one or more pests. It could be that fleas have infested your home or that you have observed fecal matter left behind by rodents. Maybe a certain type of bug has made itself known. Regardless, it is an unfortunate issue that could turn into a massive problem if not dealt with immediately. At first glance, it may seem cheaper to engage in DIY pest control; however, the truth of the matter is – in the end – you may invest more time and money into the endeavor than if you just went with professional pest control to start with. Continue reading to learn more.

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It All Starts with Prevention

The key to any type of truly effective pest control is prevention. Now, if you have a relatively small infestation, DIY pest control may be an option for you. It is inexpensive and you may be able to eliminate the problem. It must be said, though, that the “problem” that most people perceive as being the “problem” (the infestation) is not truly the issue. The real problem is what caused the infestation to start with.

Professional pest control companies will address any infestation that you have – be it small or large; however, they take it a step further by using their skills and expertise to determine what actually caused the infestation to start with. In doing this, measures can be taken to prevent another infestation from occurring.

Furthermore, these professionals will take the time to explain the underlying issue to you and provide you with steps you may take to prevent future infestations. If you want complete extermination, professional pest control is the way to go!

DIY Pest Control Products May Result in Adverse Health Effects

While it is true that companies create and sell over-the-counter pest control products that are deemed appropriate for DIY applications, it is important to understand that these products and their use may result in adverse health effects. These often stem from not following the outlined label directions or using too much. Adverse health issues may also stem from inhalation, getting the product on the skin, or the product getting into the eyes, mouth, or nasal cavity. The following issues have been known to occur with DIY pest control products:

  • Allergic Reaction
  • Eye Irritation
  • Harm from Inadvertent Inhalation and Swallowing
  • Nasal Cavity Irritation
  • Prolonged Exposure May Cause Organ Damage
  • Skin Irritation
  • Respiratory Issues

The good news is, professional pest control products are designed to be safe for home applications. First, all pest control technicians are trained in the proper dosing of the products. Next, they know how much to administer and in what areas so that it does not impact the individuals in the residence or their pets. Finally, because of the chemical makeup of the products, not as much is needed to handle pest infestations as with DIY pest control products. Pest control technicians will also inform you if you need to be out of the room or area once the products are administered.

Many DIY Pest Control Products Are Listed as Carcinogens by the EPA

When you hire a professional pest control company, the pesticides that are commonly used are pyrethroids and pyrethrins. These substances are designed to mimic that of natural and/or organic-based pesticides that are found in various types of chrysanthemums. In some instances, chemical-based products – such as fipronil and piperonyl butoxide – may be used. Generally, these are not toxic to people or their pets. If there is cause for concern, the technician will explain that to you.

On the other hand, the low-quality DIY pest control products that are sold in stores will take the ingredients from the above-mentioned products and combine them with potentially dangerous chemicals that have the potential to harm you, your loved ones, your pet or pets, and your home.

The EPA has confirmed that many of the ingredients in pest control products are actually carcinogens at certain levels of exposure. This means they have the potential to cause cancer. For this reason, professional pest control is advised.

Average Annual Pesticide-Related Rates of Hospitalizations

A study was conducted that concluded – over a 10-year period – there were 539,589 hospitalizations each year. The median age of those hospitalized was 33. The greatest number of hospitalizations was among children ages 0-4. The lowest ages admitted were kids 5-9 years old and those in the 10-18 year old group. The following outlines the cases by pesticide type, according to the ICD-9 and E-codes:

  • Insecticides
  • Disinfectants
  • Rodenticides
  • Herbicides
  • Fumigants
  • Fungicides
  • Other Pesticides

If you engage in DIY pest control, you stand a high risk of developing an issue that may result in hospitalization. The median length of stay was 2 days. A total of 5% of the cases were admitted in excess of 10 days. Accidental poisonings averaged a total of 3.87 days.


Why Should I Choose Professional Pest Control?

Professional pest control technicians are specially trained and most obtain licensure to administer pest control. The results yielded are faster than that of DIY pest control. Pest control technicians are quickly able to identify and eliminate all sorts of pest problems. This helps in preventing expensive infestations and any damage that may occur as a result of the infestation. The prevention methods utilized by professionals will save you a significant amount of money in the future. Also, you have a lower chance of developing an adverse health effect from professional pest control services. In short:

  • The professionals are extensively trained on all pests and how to exterminate those pest. Prior to working in the field, they must be licensed to perform the pest control treatments.
  • Pest control technicians will locate the source of the infestation and treat for complete elimination in addition to taking care of the part of the infestation that you are experiencing and seeing.
  • These technicians do not always have to use chemical-based sprays and treatments. They have a wide range of treatments at their disposal.
  • Pest control technicians will not compromise the health of you, your loved ones, your pets, or your home. They will take every precaution necessary to ensure success in their treatments and to prevent adverse health effects.
  • The professionals use the latest and safest treatments, technology, and equipment in treating various types of infestations where their services are rendered.

Is it worth it to hire an Exterminator?

Yes, it is well worth it to hire an exterminator. DIY pest control takes a lot of time, effort, and money. These products may result in adverse health effects. In the end, DIY products may not even work. The infestation may get out of control. You will not experience these issues when you invest in professional pest control services. If you are looking for a worthwhile investment into your home, professional pest control services is the way to go!

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