How would you know you’ve been bitten by a spider? Unless you are fully awake and alive with all your senses working, you wouldn’t suspect a spider bite on your skin. It is therefore  vital to know the appearance of a spider bite and their symptoms. Because once you are bitten, there’s no telling how your body would sustain a spider bite. God-forbid they are from the most poisonous spiders we have talked about in the previous blog post. In this article you will be able to see several spider bite pictures from different types of spiders.

First Aid for Spider BitesSpider Bite Treatment

Although not all spiders are poisonous, spider bite first aid is a must for all persons bitten by spiders. Medical treatment should be sought especially if symptoms are evident in parts of the body outside of the bite location. Bitten persons with Read more. 

Advice for identifying, preventing and treating spider bites

Advice for identifying, preventing and treating spider bite. Dr. Jorge Parada, MD, MPH, FACP, FIDSA Medical Spokesperson for the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and infectious disease specialist Loyola University. Read more …

So how does spider bites look like? Click the image below to see the spider bite pictures.

Spider Bite Pictures

Spider Bite Pictures. Source: keeps a record of actual spider bite pictures submitted by people bitten by various kinds of spiders. Warning, some spider bite pictures may be too graphic.

After looking through the spider bite pictures, the next most sensible thing to do once you confirm spider infestation in your property is to call a local All Pest Exterminator to handle the extermination of spiders professionally. Hurry, don’t wait until you or any member of your family are bitten by spiders. We hope these spider bite pictures will prompt everyone to call All Pest Exterminating Inc to conduct a thorough home inspection for preemptive measures against spiders.