Now that spring has sprung, many are discovering more than the March winds, April showers, and the emergence of those gorgeous seasonal flowers. If you are reading this, it is quite likely that you have discovered the biggest seasonal downfall – spiders.

hiding from a spider

There are no cute sayings, whimsical quotes, or proverbs about the seemingly vast invasion of spiders that seem to come out of nowhere each spring.

The fact of the matter is, no one likes these air-breathing, eight-legged arthropods.

If you are the type of person that goes to great lengths to avoid exposure to a spider, continue reading to learn how to prevent a seasonal case of arachnophobia.

Spider inside the house

Spring Time Showing

If you are reading this, it is likely that you are curious as to why spiders seem to come out in the spring.

It is during this season that these pests come out to set the pace for the summertime reproductive season.

If you observe spiders in your home, it is not something new. In fact, those same spiders likely took refuge in your home last fall to escape the harsh environmental conditions and protect themselves. They could have been hiding in your closets, cabinets, your basement, your attic – and any other location where they had access to a perceived food source.

Spring marks the time when they come out, start setting up residence, and preparing for those upcoming baby spiders.

your food attracts spiders

Food Source

Now, when spiders enter a location – such as your home – during the fall, they will take cover where they fell there is a source of food; however, most of these creatures enter a state of inactivity during the cooler months.

Many refer to this as a “winter slumber”.

If the species in or around your home is the type to indulge in this winter rest, they will come out during the spring to find a new food source that they may use to strengthen up prior to their reproductive periods.

Time to Gain Control

It does not matter if you have spiders on the inside of your home, the outside of your home, or both – it is time to gain control.

The best care is working to prevent the infestation of spiders before the infestation has the opportunity to reach you, your home, and/or your property.

The best method of prevention is to hire a certified pest control technician to come in the home and do a thorough inspection. These professionals know where to look both inside and outside the home. They know the signs that indicate that spiders are near or dear to your home.

We Can Help

Here at All Pest, we know and understand the frustration and fear that goes along with a spider infestation. We know how to inspect for spiders and quickly eliminate spiders. Why allow your spring to be burdened by those ferocious looking pests? If you have an interest in getting spiders removed from in or around your home – once and for all – delay no further. Call us today and experience peace of mind as quickly as tomorrow!