While we are all gearing up for those magnificent days in the sun, taking those refreshing dips in the pool, and going on all those hikes, picnics, and other outdoor adventures, other living creatures are becoming more active, too. Summer is a time of heightened insect and pest activity.

As the temperatures warm up, most insects and pests start to appear more often – in search of food, water, and even a little escape from the intense warmth of the outdoors. As a result, you may find yourself running into these creatures a little more often. In fact, they may even find their way into your home. In this guide, we will outline the top 10 summer pests, according to homeowners, businesses, and those that specialize in pest control.

Mosquito Summer Pest

1. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes have been hailed as one of the deadliest of all insects on the entire planet. The problem? They are out in a high level of abundance during the summer months! The hot and often humid days of the summer provide the perfect environment for these summer pests to feed, breed, and lay their eggs.

If you notice a high level of these insects on your property, look for standing water sources. If you eliminate any water source on your property, you will successfully break the reproduction cycle associated with the insects. This will help in getting rid of them, fast!

photo of a flea

2. Fleas

Each and every summer, there is a nuisance that makes itself known – especially if you have pets. It is fleas.

These are often especially troublesome if you do not have your pets treated for fleas.

Regardless of whether your pets stay outdoors or indoors, these insects will quickly find their way into your home and your belongings. These pests are exceptionally difficult to eliminate once an infestation starts.

If you have pets, ensure that they receive monthly flea treatment. While over-the-counter products may help small amounts of fleas, professional pest control services will be required for large infestations.


3. Ticks

While we are on the topic of fleas, let’s expound on another summer pest that is closely associated with pets. That is ticks.

These insects are known to spread diseases to both your pets and humans. In the summer months, these pests are in great quantities outdoors. Humans and their pets are more susceptible to them because they are typically outside more during the summer.

To avoid these, clear your property of any type of debris and ensure regular lawn maintenance. Additionally, have your pets treated.

If outside for long periods of time, cover yourself thoroughly and use an insect repellant. If you notice ticks in high numbers, you must contact a professional pest control company immediately for assistance.


4. Bees and Other Stinging Insects

Bees, yellow jackets, and hornets are especially active during the summer months. These pests typically mate in the spring, but they continue to grow and expand during the summer and beyond.

The hornets and the yellow jacket populations have to acquire new nests each year; therefore, they are exceptionally troublesome. While these nests are usually established near decks and similar locations, yellow jackets and bees may make their way inside of your walls and create nests.

To err on the side of caution, you should always leave bees and other flying insects that sting to the professionals for your own safety.

bed bug

5. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are an insect that is around all year long; however, they may be picked up easily while traveling throughout the summer months from motels, hotels, and areas that are similar in nature.

Once they make their way into your home, you will find that they are incredibly troublesome. They will hide in your furniture, bed, carpets, and more. At night, they will come out and attempt to feed.

Their meal is blood – which means you will be of particular interest to these pests. Special professional heat treatments are typically required to combat bed bug infestations. Over-the-counter products are typically not very effective.


6. Spiders

Another common summer nuisance is spiders. Not just one type, but many types. These include brown recluses, black widows, wolf spiders, garden spiders, and other types. While most are not venomous, they are quite a scary sight, and living among them is even scarier!

The black widow spider is very venomous. In fact, professionals estimate that the venom ejected from the black widow is up to 15 times more powerful than that which is ejected by the common rattlesnake.

If you have spiders, get them out of your home as soon as possible to avoid any complications.


7. Termites

Termites swarm in the spring months, but they feed constantly in the summer months. The queen of a colony has the capability of laying approximately 30,000 eggs each and every single day! In just a week’s time, that is a whopping 210,000 eggs!

Now, if those eggs are laid in or near your home – well, you can just imagine the amount of damage that will result.

Termites cause billions of dollars of damage each year in property damage. They detrimentally impact the structural integrity of your home and will cause damage that is quite expensive. Professional termite control services will help you avoid costly repairs and replacements.


8. Ants

There are many different types of species of ants.

Fire ants – for example – have an incredibly painful bite that will leave you suffering for long periods of time.

Sugar ants will make their way into your kitchen in search of sweets and contaminate your food sources.

The crazy ant has the capability of – literally – eating through the wiring in your home.

Each ant has its downside. Any type of ant in your home is bad.

During the summer, these pests are on the move – and fast! If you see just one, you can bet that there are hundreds and even thousands behind it. Get help immediately to avoid complications.

house fly

9. Flies

Flies are very troublesome – especially if they make their way into your home. They reproduce quickly. They contaminate food products and any surface that they come in contact with. They have the ability to pass on sicknesses and diseases to your pets and you!

If left to their own devices, they will multiply quickly and completely take over your home. Even worse, once they take up residence in your home, they may remain there well into the fall months.

mice and rats

10. Rodents

Finally, on our list of troublesome summer pests, are rodents. Many believe rodents – such as mice and rats – will only enter a home during the winter months, but this is not true. Rodents do not like all that heat when the outdoor temperatures start to soar.

They want to be cool – just like us.

It is common to find these creatures in your bathroom, pantry, and your kitchen. Not only are they in search of a cool location to escape the heat, but they are also looking for an ideal nesting area for the upcoming winter months.

Make sure that your home is completely sealed as rodents only need a small space to get inside of your home.

Professional Pest Control Services

It does not matter if you are finding yourself dealing with one of the summer pests outlined in this guide, or another type of pest, it is best to have professional pest control services assist you. The individuals that work in this industry are well-trained and highly knowledgeable on how to handle all types of pests. Additionally, they have the tools, resources, and equipment to handle all jobs safely and with exceptional speed. By going with skill and knowledge, you will not put yourself, your loved ones, or your pets at risk of any of the dangers associated with the pests that are common issues during the summer months.

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