Chiggers are the larva form of a certain family of termites, Trombiculidae. They’re rarely seen by the naked eye, but leave visible red spots on their victim’s skin. Chiggers are classified as arachnids like spiders and ticks, however, they usually thrive in humid areas such as the forests, grasslands, parks, and gardens around lakes or rivers.

These tiny mites can easily get onto clothes, hand gloves, and socks that have been exposed to the areas where they thrive. Once they stick to clothing, they can quickly move their way to the skin and suck out blood just as bedbugs do to their human victims.

Since you can’t see them, the best way to avoid infestation is to immediately remove your clothes, garden tools, gloves and hats, and even your boots, and bring them to the laundry. Don’t leave them unattended! You have to wash them immediately. Once your clothes are dry, iron them. That way, you don’t leave any trace of these vicious tiny mites.

What are chiggers and how do they bite?: Arachnids: Animal Planet

What are chiggers, and do they bite you or burrow under your skin? How do they work?

CHIGGERS–Tiny Red Mites Upclose

This is a little better-edited version of the Chiggers. I see these little red mites down at Stoyer’s Dam in the summer walking across the stone platform.

Gr8LakesCamper: How to Prevent and Treat Chiggers

Technically, chiggers are the larvae of a mite that live in brushy and grassy areas. They mainly bite in areas where the skin is thin and tender, such as the groin, ankles, and backs of knees. When they bite, they inject saliva.

How To Get Rid of Chiggers

Avoid these pesky ‘red bugs’ and take the itch out of summer.

There are several ways to get rid of chiggers. You can get insights and learn from the video below. Better yet, ask your local Richmond Pest Control expert to give you the best picture of chiggers and how to prevent infestation.

Pest Control : How to Get Rid of Chiggers

The best way to get rid of chiggers is through preventative action, such as keeping grass cut to less than 6 inches, cutting the shrubbery back and tucking pants into socks when walking through an area that is infected with chiggers. Find out how.

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