The living room of your home often plays the host to a wide assortment of activities and social gatherings. As a result, it may be a central location for various bugs and other types of pests. Being that the living room is a common location for families to gather, there are several unique opportunities for pests to gain access to this room. Once situated, there are many reasons for them to remain there. In this comprehensive guide, we will outline what pests are commonly located within the living room. Continue reading to learn more.

Bed Bug

Bed Bugs

There are several household bugs that may be attracted to the furniture pieces in your living room; however, bed bugs are among the most common. This is mostly due to the fact that they are capable of squeezing into exceptionally tight spaces because of their very small size. Furniture pieces offer many hiding spots for bed bugs. These are parasitic insects and require blood for growth. If you sit in infested furniture, you are likely to become the next meal source for these insects. A common sign that you have been exposed to bed bugs is the development of red spots on the skin. Yes, it is true that these pests are most commonly found in the bedroom, they are capable of easily spreading from one room to another.

dust mites

Dust Mites

Dust mites are microscopic insects that are often found in the air and on several surfaces throughout the home. For those that suffer from allergies and/or respiratory conditions -such as asthma -these may prove to be very challenging creatures to live alongside of. These mites are attracted to furniture pieces, such as the couch and recliners. These pests do not bite or sting, but if they find their way onto the skin, the individual subjected to the mite or mites may start to itch or experience discomfort. It is possible to breathe them in -due to their size -and this will often result in respiratory complications. There are test kits available at several retailers. You may also contact a pest control specialist to test for the presence of dust mites in your home.

photo of a flea


Fleas are a type of insect that many simply do not consider to be an invasive species in the living room; however, these insects are capable of finding their way into the home and invading many rooms. These pests are very difficult to control and get rid of in and around the home. You do not have to have pets to be subjected to fleas. These are jumping insects that often find their way indoors by latching on to someone outdoors. In many instances, vacuuming and cleaning the living room furniture may eliminate these common pests; however, if the population grows, chemical treatments will be required.

Carpet Beetle Wikimedia

Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles consume fabric and animal-based products. If left alone, these insects have the capability of thriving within a home – especially in the living room. These insects get in by flying through doors and windows. The females then lay their eggs directly on the furniture and even throughout the carpeting in the home. Many may find their way indoors by infesting items that are then brought directly into the home. If you fail to regularly clean and vacuum your home, a carpet beetle infestation may grow quite quickly. The bristly hairs on the pests may be highly irritating to both people and their pets when it comes into contact with the skin. Additionally, these creatures may eat holes in carpeting, clothing, and furniture pieces. Professional pest control services are the best option for homeowners suffering from this type of infestation.

ant indoors


In some instances, ants – such as Argentine ants and pavement ants -may find their way into your living room. These consume breads, fats, meats, and oils. Then, there are house ants that prefer to consume sweet foods. If you and your family eat in the living room -even small snacks -and drop just one tiny crumb, you may quickly discover a trail of ants lingering in your living room. In most instances, a thorough cleanup and a simple pest control servicing is enough to rid yourself of these pesky creatures.

Housefly closeup

House Flies

If you eat or snack in the living room, another creature you are likely to come in contact with in your living room is a housefly. These types of flies are not really particular about Their diet. They are attracted to all types of smells and foods. These insects mostly fly in through doors and windows. They may come in attached to various products, but more often, they gain access through some type of opening in order to reach your living room and other areas within the home.

Other Types of Pests

It is common for other types of insects and pests to find their way into a living room. Examples include ladybugs, stink bugs, spiders, and even mice or rats.

It all depends on what is going on through other areas of your home, what is brought into the home, and if there is access to the interior of your home.

Pests in the Living Room

What Causes Pests to Find the Living Room Attractive?

Unlike humans, pests typically are not attracted to the decorative theme of the living room or even that large-screen HD TV; however, they do seem to be attracted to several of the unique amenities found in and around this area of the home. In most instances, this room is much larger than others in the home.

This means that the pests have more spaces to hide. Carpeting helps in hiding pests and – for many – it is actually considered to be a food source. It is a location that may involve leftover crumbs from late-night snacking and TV dinner products.

The living room also commonly has the most entry points of any other location within the home. Finally, it is a high-traffic room, providing ample opportunities for hitchhiking pests.

Do Living Room Pests Pose Any Threat to People and Pets?

Yes, many living room pests may prove to be threatening to people and their pets.

For example, bed bugs live off of blood and may irritate the skin and the respiratory system. House flies have the capability of contaminating food sources in the home. A

dditionally, they have the ability to pass on a large assortment of various pathogens. Examples include salmonellosis and typhoid. Spiders have the capability of biting pets and people.

While not all bites are deadly, many are known for resulting in sickness.

Fleas may cause severe reactions in both people and pets, including respiratory complications and skin irritations.

How to Prevent Pests from Going in the Living Room

There are actually quite a few steps that may be taken to prevent pests from making their way into the living room. First, all cracks and crevices throughout the home should be completely sealed. You may use steel wool and/or caulk that is created from silicone.

If you have windows or screens that are in need of repair, you should take the time to make the necessary repairs. While you are at it, it is highly beneficial to install weather stripping.

If at all possible, avoid eating in the living room. If you do choose to have a snack, pick up after yourself and ensure that no crumbs are left behind.

You should take the time to dust your living room on a regular basis. Have people remove their shoes when entering the home and ensure that no one sits on any of the furniture with dirty clothes on them. Additionally, vacuum the carpet regularly. If possible, steam clean and/or shampoo the carpeting on a regular basis. The heat emitted from such systems will help kill off creatures that may be hiding in the carpeting.

Make certain that no clutter is allowed to remain in your home as clutter will attract pests that are looking for a safe place to hide.

Getting Rid of the Pests

If you have a pest issue in your home, it is best to contact a professional pest control company. These companies will completely inspect the area affected by the infestation and other parts of the home to determine the severity of the issue. They will also usually determine the culprit of the problem.

Immediately following the inspection, they will then make a recommendation for a treatment plan that will quickly eliminate the issue.

We here at All Pest Exterminating are skilled and trained to handle all of the pests that may possibly invade your home. We use the best products so that your problem is eliminated quickly and safely. We are full-service experts. We handle everything from complete home inspections to heat treatments designed to eliminate bed bugs to the most comprehensive pest control service currently available on the market. To learn more about how we can help you get rid of those pests that have invaded your home, contact us today by calling: 765-259-0043