During the winter months, it is common for many pests to go into hibernation; however, there are still many that remain active. These commonly seek the warmth and comfort that your home provides.

raccoon hiding by house

Food may be scarce in outdoor regions. As a result, a pest may find their way into your home to access food sources present within. In this guide, you will learn about common winter pests and be provided with strategies on how to deter an infestation from occurring.

German Cockroaches

Blatella germanica (German cockroach)

Worldwide, the German cockroach is the most common cockroach species. These pests prefer an environment that has a steady supply of moisture and food. As a result, they are attracted to homes.

They most commonly enter through cracks in the home, small spaces around pipes, or on bags, boxes, and other items brought into the home. Unfortunately, these pests may contaminate surfaces and cause sicknesses.

To prevent them from entering your home this winter, seal off all openings, keep the home free from food debris, take out trash regularly, and vacuum on a regular basis.Additionally, you should ensure that your home is kept clean.

Brown Recluse Spiders

Brown recluse spider, Loxosceles reclusa.jpg
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Brown recluse spiders are referred to as “recluses” due to the fact that they create webs in places that are dark and lacks a lot of activity. Examples include basements, attics, closets, and underneath cabinets.

These are dangerous to people as they bite and inject venom into that which they bite.

In order to prevent a winter infestation, cut back natural debris away from the home, store clothing and shoes in such a way that a spider cannot find their way inside, and keep dark, unused areas of your home clean and free from debris.



All types of rodents – including basic house mice and Norway rats – are known to enter homes during the winter months.

A mouse can fit in a hole the size of a dime. A rat can fit in a hole the size of a quarter.

Any gaps in the home should be filled with caulking and steel wool or these rodents will attempt to find a warm nesting area with access to food and water within the home.

Additionally, trash should be kept away from the home and clutter should be removed. All food products within the home should be kept in sealed containers and no items should be left out. Pay special attention to areas with a lot of moisture such as incoming water pipes and the basement.

Rodents have the capability of spreading illnesses and causing sickness in both humans and pets.


raccoon, caught in sliding panel while leaving attic for food search

During the winter months, raccoons often search for areas for the purpose and intent of denning. While they are not known to enter homes very often throughout the rest of the year, cold weather may make them see your home as an opportunity for safety from the harsh environmental conditions.

They may attempt to enter through your attic, the basement (if access is present), and through a chimney.

While they prefer areas that are dark and uninhabited, if they get into the home, you will experience an encounter.

These creatures are considered to be a host when it comes to rabies and may cause you many problems. To reduce the possibility of an infestation, use animal-proof lids on all trash cans, repair any potential access points for raccoons to enter into your home, utilize a mesh cover on your chimney, and keep branches, trees, and other types of natural debris away from your home.

Also, you should consider utilizing bright, motion-sensor lights around where you keep your trash and other areas prone to raccoons, as the light will frighten them – especially when it turns on suddenly.

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