Rodents are highly destructive pests that may find their way into your home. Not only is it frightening to share a living space with rodents, but it may also be dangerous – in more than one way. If rodents chew on wires in your walls, they may cause a fire to develop. If they move through and around plumbing fixtures, they could damage this sensitive system of the home. Additionally, the creatures may spread diseases to both people and their pets.

Many people may not realize it, but rodents carry fleas. If they make their way into your home, you may end up experiencing a rodent problem, plus a flea infestation, too!

A mouse is a rodent that can carry fleas

How Do Rodents Get Fleas?

Fleas abound in the outdoor area of your home. They hide within the grass, shrubs, bushes, and trees in search of a meal. They consume blood from a host. When they pinpoint an ideal animal for their blood meal, they will jump on the vertebrate and stay on its body. While this may occur with any animal, for the purpose and intent of this guide, we will focus on rodents.

Once the flea is on the rodent, it will typically remain with the rodent; however, it may crawl or jump from the rodent at any time. For example, if a rodent goes into your home, that flea may come inside, too.

The Infestation

Once fleas make their way into your home, they will start searching for shelter and areas to reproduce. In most instances, this includes carpeting, furniture, cracks, crevices, bedding, clothing, indoor pets, and even people. The longer the fleas remain in the home, the more eggs that the female fleas lay.

According to studies, if just one female flea comes into the home, within a 2-month period, that home could be overrun with an excess of 20,000 fleas! When you combine a rodent infestation with a flea infestation, you are in for big trouble!

Are the Fleas on Rodents the Type That Bite People?

Yes, fleas that come into the home by hitchhiking a ride on a rodent are the type that bite. If fleas from a rodent infest the home, they will be bothersome to people and pets that reside within the structure.

Can My Cat and Dog Get Fleas from Rodents?

Yes, if a rodent with fleas enters the home, those fleas have the ability to infect cats, dogs, and other types of pets within the home. Fleas are known to live and feed on a wide assortment of mammals.

What Bugs Do Rodents Carry?

Rodents have the capability of carrying many types of bugs. These include fleas, mites, and ticks. While an infestation of these pests is not something a homeowner wants to face, the pests on rodents can cause more severe problems. This includes being a vector that spreads a disease between the rodent and the pets and/or people within the home. All three – fleas, mites, and ticks – may cause illnesses in people and other animals that are within a home where an infestation occurs.

10 Mice nesting

What Percentage of Rodents Have Fleas?

In studies, it has been found that up to approximately 70% of all rodents are infected with fleas.

At this percentage level, you can guarantee that if a rodent makes its way inside of your home, the chances are very high that fleas have made their way into your home, too.

Is One Flea Enough for an Infestation?

Generally speaking, the presence of just one male flea is not enough to result in a home infestation of fleas.

Unfortunately, if you have just one female flea that has yet to lay her eggs, that COULD be enough for a flea infestation to develop within the home.

Severe infestations require both male and female fleas that may reproduce and lay eggs.

Can You Get Sick from Having Flea-Infested Rodents in Your House?

You may get sick from having rodents in the home and fleas in your home. Yes, you can get sick from having flea-infested rodents in your house. Rodents carry a wide range of illnesses. These include hantaviruses, leptospirosis, typhus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and the plague. Flea diseases that may be passed on to humans include tapeworms, bartonella, murine typhus, tungiasis, and even the bubonic plague.

What is the Top Disease Spread by Rodents?

The number one disease spread by rodents is hantavirus. This is found in the saliva, urine, and feces of the affected rodent. It can be released into the air. It may find its way into confined spaces. Then, once an activity occurs – such as sweeping – it may be released in large quantities into the air. Rodents may pass on this disease whether or not they have fleas.

Why Does My House Suddenly Have Fleas?

The most common method of fleas entering the home is through a cat or a dog; however, if you do not have these types of animals, you may have an issue due to a rodent problem. It is possible for fleas to attach themselves to rodents and find their way in the home. Additional culprits may be used furniture being placed in the home or someone entering the home with a flea or fleas on their clothing.

Will Fleas Go Away on Their Own?

In some cases, fleas may find their way outside of the home within a 2–3-week period. In other cases, they may remain in the home for a prolonged period of time. In fact, it is likely that you will have to take measures to eliminate a flea infestation once these pests make their way into your home.

How to Protect the Home from Rodents with Fleas

There are several steps that may be taken to protect your home from rodents that have fleas. The following are among the top-rated:

  1. First, seal up the entry points that are around your home. A rodent may use a small hole to gain entry into your home. It does not matter how small the hole is, seal it up.
  2. If you must store items in and/or around your home, do it properly. For example, use airtight storage containers in the kitchen and for pet food. If you store household items, use containers composed of plastic instead of cardboard boxes. If you store items outside – like firewood – keep it at least 20 feet or further from your home.
  3. It is important to keep your home clean. Remember, when rodents with fleas attempt to enter into your home, they are seeking food, water, and/or shelter. You should clean up the home so that none of these are available to rodents. In addition to this, if you have a patio or garage, you should clean these spaces, too.

An Infestation

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