With Fall fast approaching, pests that have wandered away to gather food and got into the mating season, are looking for safe places to hide in time for Winter. So the whole Fall duration is a “home-coming” for so-called overwintering pests to secure shelters as early as they could to protect them from the harsh elements of the cold season and some end up in homes and building structures especially those made of wood materials.  The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) informs homeowners in advance to undertake measures as early as now to prevent overwintering pests from invading their homes. NPMA suggests a few fall pest-proofing methods to help prevent the aggravation of infestations and help avoid structural damage and protect family health.

“When pests enter homes to overwinter during the fall, they can often go unnoticed,” said Missy Henriksen, vice president of public affairs for NPMA. “However, when the weather warms, they reemerge and become active, often revealing larger problems.”

The most common overwintering pests that are normally seen during this season are Stink bugs, Mice, Asian Lady Beetles, Boxelder bugs, Winged-termites. When you spot them around, make sure your homes are pest-proof.

To prevent overwintering pests this fall, the following measures are very important to accomplish as soon as possible:

  1. Inspect the house and yard for potential areas for pests to hide.
  2. Check for cracks or holes where mice and other insects can get through your house.
  3. Remove yard debris such as firewood, piles of unused construction materials, old and damaged furniture.
  4. Repair torn screens.
  5. Seal cracks with high quality silicone or silicone-latex caulk.
  6. Fill holes with cement or around utilities with steel wool and install door sweeps on exterior entrances.
  7. If you suspect an infestation, a qualified pest extermination professional can evaluate the problem and recommend an action plan.

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