Pests in the garage is a common problem. The garage is one of the most wonderful of all additions to the home. It protects your vehicles, allows for a place for storing tools, and also serves as a place where outdoor tasks may be performed undercover and with protection from the elements.

Unfortunately, the garage is a safe haven for insects and creatures seeking shelter and protection from predators, the elements, and other environmental threats. The garage is highly appealing. In this guide, you will be introduced to the most common types of pests in the garage.

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Why Are Pests Attracted to Garages?

When you consider all that pests may access when they find their way into your home, you may find yourself wondering exactly why they are attracted to garages. The answer lies in the structure’s general level of accessibility.

People tend to move in and out of these additions regularly. Oftentimes, the access point is left open. This permits the pests to make their way inside of the garage with ease. Once inside, they will nest in voids, boxes, corners, and other regions.

Due to the general lack of upkeep of the garage, pests may go unnoticed for long periods of time. By the time they are noticed, it is likely that an infestation has occurred and you need pest control services.

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Common Pests

As stated previously, there are several different types of pests that may be found in a garage. Below, we will outline these, each with some basic information:

  1. Spiders – It is more common to identify spiders inside of a garage than any other creature. This mostly stems from the fact that spiders feed on other types of insects. Furthermore, there are often many dark, secluded areas where these creatures may create homes and lay eggs. Once the population starts to increase, these arachnids will spread out and continue the process. Due to their stealthy ways and their general enjoyment of solitude, it is often difficult to identify infestations immediately.
  2. Silverfish – Many garages contain boxes for storage purposes, newspapers, clothing, boxed foods, and a variety of paper products. These are an instant attraction for silverfish. They feed on these types of items and others such as glue. Once inside of the addition, they will hide in cracks, corners, underneath shelves, and even inside of boxes that they have managed to get inside of when feeding. They often go undetected because of their speed and general characteristics. Unfortunately, they often cause a tremendous amount of damage before detected.
  3. RodentsRodents will infest garages that have areas where they are able to keep warm and protect themselves – especially during the colder parts of the year. They are capable of finding their way into the voids of walls and into vehicles that provide an opportunity for warmth. If a garage is not sealed properly, these creatures will surely find their way inside. Once there, they may chew on wires, boxes, and even walls. In most instances, they will leave behind signs that they have been in the area. The most common being fecal matter.
  4. Crickets and Grasshoppers – When the weather is warm and dry, you may find yourself with an abundance of crickets and grasshoppers in your garage. If you keep clothes stored in your garage, these creatures are capable of destroying them. Due to their jumping capabilities, it is often difficult to control these types of infestations without the assistance of a professional pest control technician.
  5. Beetles – There are many types of beetles that may enter the garage. The most common is the ground beetle. These are nocturnal creatures that have the capability of entering by crawling and/or flying. If your garage is not sealed appropriately or closed up after use, they may enter in during the nighttime hours. While these most often eat other creatures such as cabbage worms, corn earworms, and slugs, they do have the capability of infesting an area quickly and in very large numbers.
  6. Snakes – As terrifying as it sounds, a snake has the ability to slither right into an open garage at absolutely any time. These are natural predators that hunt for different types of insects and various types of rodents. If other creatures are in your garage, snakes may come in to seek them. If there are items – like pet food – kept in your garage, these reptiles may go int to feed on it. If the weather is extreme, these creatures may enter in order to cool off or to warm up – depending on what is stored in the garage. To safely remove a snake, you will need pest control services.
  7. Muskrats – While often considered to be “cute” a garage invasion of muskrats may prove to be exceptionally troublesome. Not only do they spread viruses and rabies, they will destroy vegetation on your property, tunnel through your lawn, cause water erosion and seepage issues, and they have been known to attack people. If you discover signs of a muskrat or see one in or near your garage, it is time to get a pest control expert out for assistance.
  8. Minks – If you live near water, have a fish pond, or a koi pond, you may just find that you attract minks. In turn, these creatures may find their way into your garage. This is also true if you have chickens, ducks, or a wide assortment of birds in or around your property. They are attracted to easy food sources and areas that may be used to create a den. It is not at all unusual for them to damage interior areas where they enter in an attempt to catch food or build shelter. You must eliminate these creatures as quickly as possible if you have pets. Pest control and wildlife removal services should be able to aid in removal.
  9. Cottontail Rabbits – While rabbits will often shy away from humans and their habitats, given the right circumstances, they may find their way onto your property and/or in your garage. They are sought out by many types of wildlife. Examples include domestic animals, coyotes, foxes, and even mountain lions. If cottontail rabbit enters into your garage, it is likely trying to hide from a larger, potentially more dangerous creature. In order to avoid complications with more dangerous animals, it is best to have these types of pests removed from your property.
  10. Raccoons – While it is possible for raccoons to enter into your garage at any time – especially if you keep garbage or other types of food sources inside – if you find one living in your garage, it is quite likely that it is a mother that is about to give birth or currently has babies with her. If you have to remove the creature, be certain all babies are with it. If you try to get them to move naturally, simply set up cloths with ammonia on them or turn on a radio. They will generally move on if they feel as if they are being threatened. To avoid future infestations, remove food sources and keep the area closed off.

Wildlife Removal Services

There are several animals that may prove to be too dangerous or too large for you to attempt to move on your own. In these instances, it is best that you opt for wildlife removal services.

The professionals that offer these services will generally trap the creature and move it off of your property in a safe and efficient manner. If you attempt to handle these creatures on your own, you may be injured and/or develop an injury. Leave the wild to the wildlife experts.

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For Everything Else

If you have basic pest problems in your garage such as spiders, rodents, silverfish, and other types of infestations, we here at All Pest Exterminating in Richmond can assist you.

We are a full-service pest control company that has been in operation for over two decades. When we work with you, we place the highest priority on the services that we are providing to you and work diligently to ensure your satisfaction. Listed below are just a few of the services that we offer to our highly-valued customers:

  • Home Inspections
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Our locally-owned and locally-operated business strives to provide the highest quality pest control at the most affordable prices. We are fully insured and fully licensed to meet all of your pest needs.

We are also very active within the community, serving as members of the Chamber of Commerce, Quality Pro Pest Management, and the NPMA. We truly believe in serving and working with the community that we are part of here in Wayne County.

If you have pests inside of your garage, we have the capability of eliminating them. If you have issues on your property and/or inside of your home, we may assist you with that, as well.

For more information or to set up an appointment with one of our pest control specialists, contact one of the professionals today.