Is there such a thing as bedbug-free hotels? Yes, I would say there are bedbug-free hotels, especially newly-built ones with new sets of mattresses and beds. But not all hotels have new sets of mattresses and cushion beds. Most of them count 3-5 years before they will actually replace their beds so we can never be assured they are bedbug-free hotels, even posh hotels can have a serious bedbug infestation.

So to avoid the trouble of looking for bedbug-free hotels (which can be very time-consuming and stressful) why not focus on finding hotels that are already known to having serious bedbugs infestation and keep them out of your list. Look at (search for terms “bed bugs” or “bedbugs”).

There are several clean hotels in Richmond Indiana. A good way to spot them is to look for positive reviews from guests or tourists who have been to these hotels. You can find reviews online and you may also ask the locals who may have personal knowledge of the local hotel.

Even the best hotels have a possibility of bed bugs. The only good thing about bedbugs is that you can easily prevent a night from getting bit by doing these procedures to check for them.

Vacations, a time to relax, kick back and forget about all of your worries. The last thing you should stress about is bedbugs. Here is how to check for bedbugs in your hotel and a few ways to help prevent bedbugs from hitching a ride with you back ho…

It will be easier for you if you will accept the fact that hotels do have bedbugs. If you can’t avoid to get into these hotels, the best thing to do is to bring with you a proven bedbug spray or call a local bedbug exterminator to help you get rid of the problem.