In the great outdoors, the sounds of crickets chirping in the distance are often soothing, even pleasant; however, if one of these orthopteran insects gets into your home, that same sound can instantly become annoying, frustrating, and potentially maddening.

It is quite likely that this has happened if you are reading this. By now, you have probably spent hours attempting to find the confounded insect. Now, you are likely to the point where you are curious as to why cricket has found its way inside your house and if this type of intrusion is dangerous.

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How Does a Cricket Get in a Home?

In the great outdoors – which cricket prefer – they typically hide in wood piles, leaves, and other types of natural debris. If the outdoor temperatures heat up or the environment is just too dry, these insects will attempt to find a location that is cooler and has a higher level of moisture.

They prefer areas that have spaces where they are able to hide – such as those with storage boxes, or other items. These insects move from the exterior of the home to the interior of the home through foundation cracks, gaps around the windows, and small spaces around the door, and may even find their way inside by hitchhiking on items purchased, shoes, and clothing.

Are Crickets Dangerous?

You will be pleased to know that crickets are not at all dangerous.

Crickets do not bite and they don’t carry diseases that may be transmitted to humans.

The only true “danger” (if you want to call it that) is that if you get an infestation in your home, they have the capability of overtaking the structure. If this occurs, it may prove to be a bit more than challenging to get them all out and you may need some help from an exterminator.

Are Crickets Good?

There are many superstitions surrounding crickets. This is especially true if you discover you have one in your home.

Most welcome these insects into the home as they are believed to attract high levels of fortune. This insect is viewed among many as a magnet for prosperity! Yes, crickets in the house actually mean good luck! It is believed that if you remove them, any luck coming your way will leave, too! It is also believed that crickets aid in protecting against evil spirits.

Crickets may be considered “good” but if you find them inside, it could indicate that you have too much moisture in the home.

Furthermore, there could be gaps, cracks, or other spaces where they’re entering your house. If this is the case and the insect did not just hitchhike in, it indicates that the structure is susceptible to other insects and pests entering the home.

If found in a basement, you should carefully evaluate the foundation of your home as their presence could indicate an issue that is in need of immediate repair.

How Do I Prevent Crickets in My Home?

To prevent crickets from entering your home, the first step is to inspect your home and identify the areas with the highest level of moisture. Once located, ventilate those areas to dry them out.

  • If you have items stored in your home, you may want to clean those areas out as crickets are attracted to locations where they may stay out of sight.
  • You should vacuum, sweep, mop, and dust regularly. If any eggs are present or adult crickets that are capable of reproducing, these steps will help in eliminating them.
  • Finally, you may choose chemical-based cricket control techniques, but these are only available through professional pest control companies.

Is There Such Thing as a “House Cricket”?

Yes, there is a cricket that is identified as a “house cricket”. This insect is typically light brown and has a total of three dark-colored bands located across its head. As adults, they may grow as large as ¾ of an inch. These insects have antennae, wings, and black legs that are relatively large. The house cricket nymph looks almost the same as the adult version, but they do not yet possess wings.

Crickets Eating Carrot
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What are Common Cricket Behaviors?

If you have a chirping cricket in your home, it is important that you learn as much as possible about them. By knowing how they behave, you will be better prepared to eliminate the pest or remove it from your home.

First, crickets love warmth and moisture. As a result, you will likely discover them around heaters, in and around the kitchen area, in close proximity to fireplaces, and near natural debris – such as wood, firewood, and leaves.

The loud chirping will be likely heard at night as they are most active during this time period.

What Do Crickets in the House Eat?

Crickets are known to eat dead insects and various types of plant matter. If they make their way inside your house, they are known to buffet on several items. These include wool, silk, and various other types of fabrics from clothing, curtains, and furniture.

If crickets find your kitchen pantry, they will be instantly attracted to any dry pet food, dry goods that are open, vegetables, and fruits. These are highly adaptable insects that have a very profound diet – depending on their environment.

What Should I Know About Cricket Reproduction?

The first thing that you should know about cricket reproduction is that the loud, annoying chirp is to find a partner. That means the longer that the insect chirps, the more likely a partner will find its way to that cricket. In turn, it means you will likely – eventually – have an infestation of these interesting little pests.

Once the mating process is completed, the female cricket is capable of laying approximately 100 eggs! This is most often done in soil; however, if the cricket is inside, it will choose a moist area in your home (such as that box of old newspapers in your basement).

In the spring, the little nymphs hatch from the eggs. It takes about 2-3 months and the nymphs to transition into adults.

Are There Any Signs That Indicate a Cricket Infestation?

Yes, there are several signs that could indicate that you have a cricket infestation. These include – but are not at all limited to – the following:

  1. If you physically see a cricket, you have been infested. Looks in places that are warm, hidden, and moist.
  2. If you hear loud chirping in your home, you have a cricket!
  3. Crickets that feed on fabrics will create loose fibers. Additionally, they may create stains with their droppings.

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